The kolab Group is a collaboration group for independent contractors/consultants but not exclusively so - those of an independent thought and view are also welcome. It is a place to discuss everything from behavioural science to business development.

Although the group is an independent entity, its operation is supported by Fairmile West Consulting, a company that has worked for many years using the virtual expertise model in the Digital TV and Video field.

Why the Koala?

When coming up with the name of this group, we tried many different ones before settling on something that we felt enshrined the primary focus of the group - collaboration. Of course we needed to change some key letters to ensure we had a unique naming (particularly for the domain name) and that is why we came up with kolab Group. However looking quickly at that name flashed an image into Ian Nock's mind of a Koala - just a few shifted letters, and that is why we came up with the logo of the Koala to represent the group.